Know All About Software Testing As a Career Option

Software testing is a process that helps in evaluating attributes or capabilities of a program or system in order to make sure that it meets all necessary expectations and delivers desired results. The job of a software tester is important because he/she is trained to detect flaws, if any, in the software. By using different parameters, testers test various software, before they come in the market, in order to make sure that they are error – free. Backed with an impeccable business knowledge and technical competency, software testing is indispensable to launch a top-notch product in the market without any bug or flaw.Some of the leading companies offering software testing jobs in India are -1 = AppLabs
2 = IBM India
3 = Symantec Corporation
4 = QualityKiosk
5 = Groupon
6 = Microsoft
7 = Accenture
8 = Cognizant Technology Solutions
9 = Groupe Steria
10 = HCL Technologies
11 = HP
12 = Hexaware Technologies
13 = Infosys
14 = Tata Consultancy Services
15 = Tech Mahindra
16 = WiproWhat skills are required to become a software tester?1 = Good communication skills
2 = Analytical skills
3 = Team player
4 = Domain knowledge
5 = Eye for details
6 = Business savvyWhat are the educational qualifications required for testing jobs?Although there is no obligation to have specified degree to become a tester, it is useful to possess a degree in computer science, especially in different technical testing roles, like performance testing, etc.A Bachelor of Engineering degree or MCA would be an added benefit. Also, if you have an exposure to Oracle, Java and other computer languages, then you will enjoy an edge over other applicants. Some of the leading colleges in India, which are offering testing education are-1 = Anna University, Chennai
2 = Arcus Infotech, Bangalore
3 = Indian Institute of Software Testing, Coimbatore
4 = Thiagarajar College of Engineering, MaduraiAfter completing your testing program, you can plan your career as a-1 = Reliability Engineer
2 = Software Quality Engineer
3 = Software test lead
4 = Software test manager
5 = Software test architect
6 = Software test designer
7 = Quality Manager
8 = Quality Engineer
9 = Quality Auditor
10 = Quality TechnicianRemunerationAs a software tester, you can earn a lucrative salary package. A fresher can earn anywhere between Rs 3-5 lakh/annum. An experienced software tester can earn between Rs 7-10 lakh/annum. If you are working for an overseas client, then your testing job would also include foreign traveling.What is the scope?There is a huge scope for software testing jobs both in India and abroad. The Indian Testing Board has over 30,000 certified testers in the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) foundation level exam. It is a globally acclaimed certification for testers. Moreover, the software industry is both rewarding and challenging.Every day, new software is launched in the market, and as a result, there is a burgeoning demand of testers, who can test software at different levels and find out the defect, if any. According to the latest “Software Testing Market India 2014″, India has become the world’s most preferred outsourcing destination for software testing services because of its workforce and operational efficiencies.Furthermore, the government initiatives also act as a major force behind the growth of the testing industry in India. Moreover, India’s IT spending may touch the mark of $73.3 billion by 2015 and as per the market report, the growth of IT industry in India may make it the 3rd largest IT market in the Asia Pacific region by 2016. It means, there are abundant opportunities available for software testers. Also, as a software tester, you get a chance to work in the international arena also.Your career progressionAs a software tester, your career progression would follow the following hierarchy -Junior Test Engineer->Test Engineer->Senior Test Engineer->Team Leader->Test Manager->Project ManagerEven after spending some years in the testing field, you can explore opportunities in below fields -1 = Automation Testing
2 = Performance Testing
3 = Business Analyst

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